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The team at Grewal Equestrian is dedicated to providing quality items for both horse and rider. One of the most basic essentials for horse owners is a halter, crucial for the activities of leading, tying, and training your horse. 

Our Triple Stitched Leather Halter is an excellent choice for your first horse tack purchase. Triple stitched and crafted with imported leather, this halter provides a classic look supported by a dependable strength. Leather is not only attractive and durable, but it is also considered the safest option for halter material, as it is likely to break under pressure should it become caught in fencing or another object compromising the horse’s safety and wellbeing. 

Available in traditional sizing with an adjustable crown and chin, these halters deliver an impeccable fit, providing added comfort for your horse and more control for you, ensuring that the halter remains in the proper positioning during routine movement and training. The throat latch also enables convenient grooming access.

These halters are suitable for everything from daily barn use to showing disciplines, and they come in Black, Cherry, Havana, and London Golden so you can choose the look that perfectly complements the hue of your horse’s coat. Leather halters are also easily customizable with the addition of a halter nameplate. 

With excellent craftsmanship, a comfortable fit, and a timeless style, this Triple-Stitched Leather Halter will go the distance with your hardworking equine.

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