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At Grewal Equestrian, you will find quality horse tack and gear at reasonable prices—from everyday necessities to specialty show items. One of these everyday necessities, for horse riders, is the bridle. We offer a variety of bridles in different styles, and one of our favorites is the Chelsea Bridle. 

Consisting of artisan leather and brass hardware, this bridle is durable, attractive, and versatile. This sturdy material will last a lifetime, given the proper care. In a striking shade of Australian Nut and stitched together with exceptional craftsmanship, this bridle offers a charming look. This bridle is ideal for activities ranging from events such as Show Hunters and Equitation, Jumpers, and Field Hunters to Casual, Trail Riding, and Western disciplines. 

The removable padded flash noseband provides added comfort for your horse while contributing to the classic style. The browband of rolled leather applies pressure with precision, offering increased control to the rider. A perfect fit also aids in your level of control while riding. This fit is achieved through selecting one of the three standard sizing options with adjustable crown and chin. 

We love this bridle, a trustworthy and unobtrusive component of horse tack that will guarantee comfort and class for your horse. This item, like every one of our products, was selected by informed and experienced equestrians and horse riders. Our equestrian tack is also inspected and tested to ensure your satisfaction. And if you find that our products are not satisfactory—we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

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