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For Horse Lovers like Us

Grewal Equestrian was created to help horse lovers visit one site to find quality, reasonably priced items for horse and rider.

Elizabeth's love of horses started in pre-school. Her parents chose a school that was like a mini-farm with animals, gardens, and best of all, Ponies! It was there Elizabeth's love of horses was born. From that time on she persistently asked for riding lessons. Elizabeth started out western but moved on to another barn to began training in Dressage, Stadium Jumping, and Cross-Country. She rode lesson horses at first but eventually moved onto lease a horse. A successful lesson was when Elizabeth did not fall off her horse! Finally, the decision was made to purchase Elizabeth her very own horse. Elizabeth and her Mom spent days driving to different barns to try out many horses. They found a lot of potential horses, but just couldn't seem to find "the one."

After traveling several miles away to look at another horse that sounded just right on paper, they were sad to discover it would not be a match. Just before they left the barn, tired and broken-hearted once again, Elizabeth spotted "the" horse! She was a gorgeous Thoroughbred mare, that the owner warned Elizabeth was extremely green and inexperienced. Regardless, Elizabeth tried out the mare and it was love at first ride. After years of trials, tribulations, falling off, getting back on, and multiple trips to the tack store, Stella Rose was a part of their hearts and a member of the family. The day Elizabeth met Stella Rose, a perfect team was formed.

The team at Grewal Equestrian strives to be just as perfect and is proud to provide top quality handmade equestrian boots, breeches and the kind of tack you want and need. From tall riding boots and paddock boots to horse blankets and bridles. Every item we carry has been selected by knowledgeable equestrians and horse riders just like you. The staff at Grewal Equestrian verifies that all of the equestrian tack is tested and inspected to ensure you get the best quality and experience. Plus we provide a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If you love horses too, you have come to the right place!