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For Horse Lovers like Us

Grewal Equestrian was created to provide Luxury English & Western Tack and Apparel for both the rider and the horse at a reasonable price.

The idea was seeded when Mr.Grewals youngest daughter Elizabeth was in Pre-School. She attended a farm-like school with gardens, animals, and what she was most interested in, Ponies! Her persistent request for riding lessons allowed her to explore training in Western, Dressage, Stadium Jumping, and Cross-Country.


Eventually Elizabeths parents made the decision to adopt a horse. Elizabeth and her mother spent days driving miles away to meet potential horses that looked great on paper but couldn’t seem to find “the one”. Before leaving the last barn; tired, sad, and all in all broken-hearted Elizabeth spotted a thoroughbred Mare named Stella Rose. Regardless of the owners’ comment about how extremely green and inexperienced he is; it was Love at first ride.

After years of trials, triumphs, falling off - getting back on, and countless trips to the tack store, Elizabeths love for Stella Rose was the reason behind Grewal Equestrian.


We strive to provide the best customer service and proud to have the highest quality of Tack and apparel for Women and Children. From paddock boots and breeches to Horse Tack and Stable Supplies Grewal Equestrian has it all. Every item we carry has been selected by knowledgeable equestrians and horse riders just like you. The staff at Grewal Equestrian verifies that all of the equestrian tack is tested and inspected to ensure you get the best quality and experience every time.

Plus, we provide a 100% Money Back Guarantee.


For Horse Lovers Like Us!