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Fly Sheets - More Benefits Than Just Keeping Off the Flies

Posted by Sarah Crampton on

Blue skies and warm weather are perfect for getting out to enjoy your horse. However, the warm weather is the start of fly season that brings challenges to protect your horse from those irritating biting insects. Biting flies can result in your horse continuously stopping his feet, swishing his tail and showing other signs of discomfort. Some horses develop swelling, lumps, bumps, or worse. 

Why use a fly sheet? It's the most economical and efficient way to keep the flies off your horse. It places a physical barrier between your horse's beautiful coat and the biting flies. Horse owners spend a large amount of money on fly sprays, many of which seem to have little or a short-term effect on reducing the flies on your horse. By using a fly sheet, fly mask, and mesh fly boots on the legs, you provide your horse with 24/7 protection. You will reduce your fly spray use to only the small remaining exposed areas. Think of the money you'll save!

The fly sheet also helps to keep your horse clean! It smooths the coat by keeping the hair lying down and looking slick. It also prevents a sun bleached coat. Relieved from the biting flies your horse will be calmer and more content during the fly season months. 

Grewal Equestrian manufactures a superior fly sheet at an affordable price. The fabric is breathable and durable. The design contours to the shape of your horse's body and neck, with shoulder gussets and a tail cover for extra comfort. Two buckles in front, criss cross surcingles under the belly and detachable elastic leg straps keep the fly sheet in place in the barn and out in pasture. The mesh fabric stays cool in direct sunlight, provides UV protection, and allows for airflow. 

Wearing a fly sheet means you will use less fly spray chemicals, you'll save money, and most importantly you will be helping your horse stay mentally and physically comfortable all spring and summer.

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