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Peacock Safety Stirrups Rings and Leather Tabs

Peacock Safety Stirrup Rings and Leather Tabs

This set from Grewal Equestrian includes a pair of rubber rings and a pair of leathers for Peacock Safety Stirrups. Keep a spare set, just in case!

The Grewal Equestrian Rubber Peacock Rings with Tab has a rubber ‘tab’ on the inside circumference of the ring, eliminating the need for the leather tab to secure on the bottom hook of the stirrup.

Traditionally the outside of a safety stirrup or Peacock stirrup is built with a rubber band and a leather tab. The Grewal Equestrian Rubber Peacock Rings with Tab have the tab designed inside the ring, and make the outside of a safety stirrup into one easy accessory! The frame of a Peacock stirrup will have a ‘knob’ on the outside of the base, and a ‘hook’ at the top.

The rubber tab stretches first over the ‘knob’, then the opposing side of the ring stretches up and over the ‘hook’. They are easy to put on, and stay securely in place unless an emergency situation arises when they do the job they are intended to do, and either snap or ‘pop’ off to release the foot of the rider. These rubber rings are made of resilient rubber, that stretches but does not distort. It returns to its original shape time and time again! The dual fastening system combined into one ring builds a look of uniformity, as well as simplifies the construction of the breakaway component.

These are terrific, innovative accessories, sold in pairs.