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Broadmoor Mono Crown Flash Bridle
Broadmoor Mono Crown Flash Bridle

Broadmoor Mono Crown Flash Bridle

Striking color accents enhance Grewal's Broadmoor Mono Crown Flash Bridle and complement your horse's coat color. The unique color piping design on the browband and noseband matches the color of the quality contour stitching. Comfort for your horse is provided by the padded and contour crown and padded noseband. 

Customizing the fit to your horse is easy with adjustable cheeks and adjustable throatlatch on both sides. Made with stainless steel buckles and includes web reins.

Colored piping and accent stitching are available in white, red, purple, or orange. 

Please note: Any undue pressure applied on the nose & browband, the leather may crack as the color piping is only 1mm thick. Condition the bridles to avoid cracking and for it to last longer. 


  • Accent color on brow and flash noseband
  • Contoured and padded crown and noseband
  • Web reins included


Browband 1"
Crown 1" - 1 1/2"
Noseband 1"
Cheek 1/2"
Flash 1/2"
Reins 3/4"

The length of the straight browband will vary by +/- 5mm~8mm