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Black Synthetic Open Front Tendon Boots

Black Synthetic Open Front Tendon Boots

Protect your horse's legs - the tendons and fetlocks - while schooling, jumping, and galloping. The Grewal Equestrian Open Front Tendon Boots are made with sturdy synthetic leather to protect from a strike or interference. The Open Front design is to allow your horse to feel a rub from a pole while jumping, encouraging a clean jumping effort. 

These attractive horse boots are designed for a snug and comfortable fit and look great during jumping or equitation classes. The soft neoprene lining absorbs impact against strikes while protecting the soft tissue of the back of your horse's legs.

Riders can apply quickly with strong hook and loop fasteners and double elastic straps to reinforce a snug fit and stops the boot from slipping and twisting. These boots can be easily cleaned with a brush or with a wet cloth. 

There are matching Black Synthetic Open Front Fetlock Boots for the hind legs!