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Figure 8 Noseband English Bridle
Figure 8 Noseband English Bridle
Augusta Figure 8 Bridle

Augusta Figure 8 Bridle

The Augusta Figure 8 Bridle is popular with jumpers and eventers. This noseband design allows full airway passages while galloping and jumping. The sheepskin nose pad prevents rubbing on the sensitive bridge of your horse's nose. Buckles and stud hook on cheek straps are made with stainless steel. The fancy stitched browband is padded for comfort and adds a polished look. Rubber reins with a non-slip grip for the rider are included. This bridle is also available in shiny patent leather!


  • Fleece padding on Figure 8 
  • Stainless steel buckles and bridle hooks
  • Rubber lined reins for grip

    Browband 1/2"
    Crown 1 1/4"
    Noseband 1/2"
    Cheek 2/3"
    Nosepad 2 3/4"

    The length of the straight browband will vary by +/- 5mm~8mm