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Do You Need Gloves For Horse Riding?

Posted by Sarah Crampton on

The equestrian world has moved into the 21st century with many improvements in the evolution of tack, equipment and riding apparel. Often overlooked as a nonessential item, the horse riding glove has evolved into a highly functional accessory. Many riders consider them a necessity.

Equestrian gloves have a purpose and many advantages. First and foremost, they protect your hands! From the rub of the reins, from the cold and wet weather, and from the dirt, hair, and grit that surrounds the world of horses. Secondly, they provide safety. The improved grip can be life saving when the inevitable, unpredictable spook comes along. Thirdly, when riding it is very common for the reins to imperceptibly slide through your hands and suddenly your reins are too long. The gloves improve your grip on the reins resulting in a better steady contact with the bit which improves your effectiveness as a rider. And last but not least, riding with black or dark colored gloves improves your appearance in the saddle. Who doesn’t want to look good while riding?

Riders, who have felt in the past that the gloves get in the way of the feel on the reins, have not tried the new and improved gloves available in the market today. Leather will always have its place in the manufacturing of riding gloves. However, the remarkable synthetic leather materials are comparable and even surpass the benefits of leather. These synthetics have the look of leather, but the added benefits of superior elasticity and breathability. Surprisingly, they have an incredible soft feel. The added bonus? Most synthetic leather equestrian gloves today are touch screen compatible on the index finger and thumb.

When should you wear your riding gloves? Protect the beautiful skin on your hands every time you ride, but also while grooming, lunging, leading, picking out feet, and carrying buckets, saddles, haynets or anything. In essence, put them on when you get to the barn! In cold weather, you will appreciate an insulated riding glove to keep your hands warm and dry. And of course, gloves are a must to complete your horse show attire. Whether you are a beginner rider or a professional trainer, you will be the most comfortable wearing a pair of quality riding gloves.

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