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Grewal Equestrian is pleased to provide various tack, gear and riding supplies to riders and trainers who meet certain criteria via our application process.

Below is a list of products (at the discretion of Grewal Equestrian) that may be provided to the Ambassador/Sponsored Rider Program.
  • Bridle
  • Breastplate
  • Girth
  • Saddle Pad
  • Horse Supplies
  • Rider Apparel
Ideally, the riders should meet the following criteria.
  • Your Name
  • Your Riding Discipline
  • Where Do You Ride At
  • Level of Riding
Additionally Grewal Equestrian will provide the rider tools and materials that will allow Grewal Equestrian to develop and promote their products.
These materials and tools include.
  • Banner for display at shows and events.
  • Catalog, price sheet and order sheet for generating orders.
  • Online and social media promotion
For the Ambassador/Sponsored Rider program to be successful, we ask the riders to agree to the following points.
  • Use and promote Grewal Equestrian products
  • Take pictures of Grewal Equestrian products on your horse
  • Make the best effort to generate orders for Grewal Equestrian orders
  • Provide product feedback
  • Have fun, improve your skills and enjoy riding and eventing
If you are rider or trainer who is interested in knowing more about the Grewal Equestrian Ambassador/Sponsored Rider Program.
The person whom to contact at Grewal Equestrian regarding the Ambassador/Sponsored Rider Program is Dee.
In order to be considered please provide the following in your email: 1) your name 2) riding discipline 3) where you ride 4) level of riding.
Dee's email is: contact@grewalequestrian.com

A current copy (May 2017) of the Ambassador/Sponsored Rider Agreement

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What the Ambassador Sponsored rider program offers

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