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Grewal Equestrian line of paddock and tall boots are on of the finest produced equestrian riding boots on the market today. The paddock boots and the tall boots were designed with the horse rider in mind. Comfortable fit, features that horese riders require and stylish design. From the barn to the dressage competition, our riding boots will provide you practical comfort with stylish appearance that is in line with traditional standards.
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Paddock Boots

Not all riders will need Grand Prix paddock boots, so all styles of paddock boots are designed and manufactured, to meet everyone’s needs.

From Ariat paddock boots to Grewal Equestrian riding boots, there are various price levels to meet all horse riders’ budgets.

Various manufacturers produce their merchandise in various countries, with various styles.

Let’s look at paddock boot brands that are popular today.

De Niro (nothing to do with the famous actor) paddock boots are a brand, they are produced in Italy. Dehner paddock boots are manufactured in the USA. Dublin paddock boots are manufactured by an Australian company.

The wide variety of manufacturers allows for a large selection of products for the buyer to choose from. The styles vary greatly in fit and overall stylelishness.

Girls paddock boots are small in sizes and usually narrow in width. The same is true for: paddock boots for kids, paddock boots for children and paddock boots for girls.

Paddock boots kids are a smart choice, because kids will outgrow them soon. Investing in tall boots may not be a good idea, since the kids will not get the most out of them in terms of wear.

Paddock boots for women can be standard width or paddock boots wide width are designed for wider feet types.

Lace paddock boots are the most common boot closure, but so are zip paddock boots. Some designs include an elastic band for optimal comfort.

Paddock boots with breeches are a selection that riders often choose. This is the traditional style, and a requirement for dressage competitions.

Paddock boots and half chaps are another option as they provide combined advantages. Since half chaps provide extra protection, plus they are easily put on and taken off. As an added benefit, they add the visual effect of a tall boot, if you are fashion conscious.

Women's paddock boots are a specialty at Grewal Equestrian.

Paddock boots aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of horse tack. However if you have a pair of paddock boots that are uncomfortable due to poor design, they can quickly ruin any ride. These often overlooked pieces of horse tack should not be underestimated. A good pair of paddock boots can easily make the difference between a okay day of riding and a great day with your favorite horse friend.

Paddock Boots Definition and Quick History.

Paddock boots, sometimes referred to as Jodhpur boots or field boots, are short ankle boots. The top of the boot comes just above the ankle. This style and design is ideal for pleasure riding and everyday use.

They are also required for saddle seat style riding, and are frequently worn by children when showing in hunt seat disciplines. This is primarily because they are less costly for rapidly growing children versus more expensive tall boots. They are sometimes combined with half chaps, a type of lower pant leg also known as chapettes. This is primarily for added rider protection or to give the visual impression of a tall boot. The lace-up style is primarily seen in hunt seat riding, whereas the elastic-sided boot design is seen in both hunt seat and saddle seat disciplines.

Many paddock boots have an extra layer of leather on the toe, called a toe cap. All design styles have somewhat tapered, round toes. Current styles include zip-on boots, with a zipper running down the back of the calf of a tall boot or the front of a paddock boot, making them easier to put on and remove without aid of boot hooks or a boot jack.

FYI: Do not confuse horse paddock boots with people paddock boots; LOL.

Horse paddock boots are a wrap around clothing piece that is worn between the fetlock and the knee on the horse’s legs. They provide protection during light exercise or transport and warmth when in the stable.

Horse paddock boots, stable boots or floating boots are usually: wool, sheep skin or fleece lined.

Back to people paddock boots. Grewal equestrian has a great selection of paddock boots women, all popular styles are available.

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